Conserving Resources

Both homeowners and professional irrigation contractors, no matter what the project, are increasingly demanding irrigation that promotes sustainability by reducing water demand as well as reducing the overall expense of water for irrigating.

Kona Irrigation Supply has been a leader in Hawaii in advocating for water conservation - that is not just watering grass, plants and other vegetation more, but rather watering more precisely. In other words, water smarter and conserve precious water supplies.

Kona Irrigation has supported homeowners and professionals in doing this by continually offering the most advanced and innovative irrigation technology. This includes entire irrigation systems which are appropriate for the project and which can be installed at the beginning of the landscaping process. It also includes components that can be retrofitted to existing systems, among which are rain sensors, low volume drip irrigation, special sprinkler heads and nozzles, controllers and other devices.

Kona Irrigation also urges both homeowners and professionals to consider the importance of landscape design, including use of native Hawaiian plants indigenous to specific areas as well as drought-tolerant plants.

In addition to irrigation products, we also offer energy-efficient LED outdoor/landscape lighting. These attractive fixtures require 75% less energy to operate than conventional outdoor lighting, without compromising the quality of the light output. LED lighting also has a much longer life span than conventional lighting while greatly reducing operating costs.



Native Hawaiian plants